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  • Truth in IT & IT Weekly Newsletter

    By: Ekovox
    Date: 04/27/2020 08:25:59
    For Immediate Release: Truth in IT partners with the IT Weekly Newsletter  Warren Avery, CEO & Head Curator of the IT Weekly Newsletter will be a contributor to Truth in IT and conduct interviews alongside Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data. For nea...
    • Truth in IT & ESG Webcast Collaboration

      By: Ekovox
      Date: 03/25/2020 10:03:19
      Truth in IT announces a partnership with ESG. Our supplier clients will leverage ESG's analyst research led by Christophe Bertrand. Our end user IT audience will be exposed to new insights gleaned from ESG's research into the data protection space.

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        KnowBe4: An IT Pro's Lessons Learned: Roger Grimes on Testing 150 MFA Products

        By: Ekovox
        Date: 04/15/2021 13:00:00 - 04/15/2021 14:00:00
            Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be a highly effective way to safeguard your organization’s data, but that doesn’t mean it’s unhackable. And nobody knows that better than award-winning author and Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, Roge...
        • Upcoming

          Truth in End User Computing: Powering Remote Digital Knowledge Workers

          By: Ekovox
          Date: 05/20/2021 13:00:00 - 05/20/2021 14:00:00
                          How can IT best deliver end-user computing when all their digital knowledge workers work remotely, distributed widely and use personal devices? What are the fastest growing distributed user security threats and what enterprise data is a...
          • Upcoming

            Controlling Clouds: Cloud Controls

            By: Ekovox
            Date: 05/27/2021 13:00:00 - 05/27/2021 14:00:00
                              Cloud adoptions continues to accelerate in 2021, as do IT challenges with hybrid/multi cloud use, data protection and SaaS management. Cloud-based management services also proliferated, easing IT. Is cloud still the winning bet?      ...
            • Upcoming

              Fighting Shadow IT

              By: Ekovox
              Date: 06/02/2021 13:00:00 - 06/02/2021 14:00:00
              Shadow IT threatens GRC (governance, risk, compliance) and corporate integrity. It increases cost and risk. In this webcast we'll explore the shape and prevalence of shadow IT across organizations.