Unifying Data, Cloud & AI with HPE

09/15/2021 13:00:00 - 09/15/2021 14:00:00 -

Every organization today is looking to accelerate innovative transformation. The key to success lies in leveraging the combined forces of data, cloud, and AI. But within IT, adopting and implementing these modernizing trends singly much less synergistically together for optimum business benefit can be a huge challenge.  

The new imperative for IT needs to shift from managing infrastructure like storage to unleashing data to maximize business value. With data as the most valuable resource, IT needs to unlock data by streamlining access for  those who create value from data — data innovators, developers and analysts —, protecting data by safeguarding it against threats and disruptions, and mobilizing data by accelerating and freeing it across every cloud.

Come join Small World Big Data’s chief analyst Mike Matchett as he explores the challenges, the opportunity, and a possible solution from HPE with Calvin Zito, HPE’s infamous StorageGuy. We’ll uncover what Unified DataOps is all about, and examine practical and immediate ways to leverage data, cloud and AI with HPE's own intelligent data platforms, HPE Alletra, and HPE InfoSight as turn-key infrastructure services.

*Please note: pubic sector employees are not eligible for this giveaway.

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