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Truth in IT is an informational and educational website leveraging live and pre-recorded video.  We partner with independent subject matter experts and tech companies to help technology users make better buyin...

truth, in, it, is, an, informational, and, educational, website, leveraging, live, and, pre-recorded, video,  we, partner, with, independent, subject, matter, experts, and, tech, companies, to, help, technology, users, make, better, buyin

About Us

Truth in IT (www.truthinIT.com) is an informational and educational website leveraging both content we create as well as that we curate from various sources. 

Our goal is to deliver timely, credible and valuable information about trends and techniques in technology that is easy and entertaining to watch.


Truth in IT is privately held by its founding principals.

Truth in IT...because video is the new whitepaper


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