Truth in Cloud May 2020

05/14/2020 13:00:00 - 05/14/2020 14:00:00 -

Welcome to the new normal where virtually all companies, universities and organizations are asking their employees to work remotely…with many are doing so for the first time. Thanks to massive advances in cloud computing, bandwidth and mobile technologies our IT workforce is proving to be the foundation upon which this resiliency is built.

But as computing infrastructures become more distributed keeping machines and data secure and optimized becomes more challenging. Those far-flung devices can become infected with malware that may also infiltrate the company's network and make off with valuable company data. The corporate network and computing infrastructure itself becomes more complicated to manage remotely. But…we say within difficulty lies opportunity. So join us May 14 where our expert panel discusses 3 disruptive enterprise level cloud based technologies that empower IT shops to deliver work-from-home computing, security, networking and operations to keep their organizations working.

Date: May 14 @ 1pm ET



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