Multi-cloud object storage and data management


In this video we're talking about multi-cloud object storage which is where the world's heading. As our data gets bigger and bigger and bigger, as everyone gets more and more data, we're gonna have to store it in a number of places all at the same time but that is gonna give us a whole lot of challenges. One, we're gonna have multiple clouds, we're gonna have on-premise, we're gonna have, we're gonna have private cloud, we're gonna have us hybrid storage nightmare of where is the data, where is the master copy, where do I put my application at, and how can I get at it and then gonna get into all sorts of things and data validation, data protection, and that. In this messy data storage world we're speaking w.Joe Arnold from SwiftStack to help us sift through and make sense of it all. 

Full transcript here: Multi-cloud object storage with SwiftStack