Your Organization Through the Eyes of an Attacker


What's the perspective of the phishing attacker? In this webinar, Erich Krone, Security Awareness Advocate with KnowBe4 helps us get inside the heads of hackers who use phishing techniques to compromise companies small and large. One of the keys to successful phishing attacks is for the hacker to make email content appear as innocuous as possible. This can be done through imitating credible sources of email traffic such as management team members within the organization, trusted social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook), trusted companies (ADP, Dominos Pizza, etc.). The mechanism to unleash havoc is behind-the-scenes technology...but the front end...the innocent looking link is the one the hacker must get you to click on. How he thinks...and the techniques he employs...are what we'll learn about and how to identify in this video webinar. Originally aired 2.22 @ 1pm ET.