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  • Feb

    Malicious Browser Notifications: The New Phishing Attack Not Blocked By Your Cyber Defense

    By: Ekovox
    Date: 02/18/2021 13:00:00 - 02/18/2021 14:00:00
      Cybercriminals have added a devious weapon to their attack arsenals - malicious browser notifications. And the worst part is they’re not blocked by any current cyber defense. These innocuous looking pop ups can wreak havoc on your network ...
    • Nov

      The Top 5 IT Security Myths CISOs Believe Are True--BUSTED!

      By: Ekovox
      Date: 11/17/2020 13:00:00 - 11/17/2020 14:00:00
          Facts are facts… but what happens when IT security pros take myths at face value? That got us thinking… what if we whip out our magnifying glasses, pull out the trench coats and use our research skills to differentiate fact from fiction? Join us fo...
      • Jun

        The Levers of Deception: The Science & Methodology of Social Engineering

        By: Ekovox
        Date: 06/18/2020 13:00:00 - 06/18/2020 14:00:00
        No matter how much security technology we purchase, we still face a fundamental security problem: people. This webinar will explore the different levers that social engineers and scam artists pull to make us more likely to do their bidding. Join Erich ...
        • May

          The Truth is in the Clouds

          By: Ekovox
          Date: 05/14/2020 13:00:00 - 05/14/2020 14:00:00
          Welcome to the new normal where virtually all companies, universities and organizations are asking their employees to work remotely…with many are doing so for the first time. Thanks to massive advances in cloud computing, bandwidth and mobile technolog...