The DDoS Threat to Hosting Providers - A Real World

Published by: Ekovox
Date: 12/03/2017
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The nature of the web hosting, datacenter and colocation business makes providers vulnerable to DDoS attacks. With the frequency and sophistication of DDoS attacks increasing, hosting providers require real-time DDoS detection and protection to ensure their hosting system is always accessible, even in the event of an attack.

In this session, Corero CTO, Dave Larson will review a real world scenario of a particular hosting provider, and their experience successfully defeating DDoS attacks with the Corero First Line of Defense DDoS protection.

Viewers will learn:
• The DDoS challenge in this particular hosing environment
• The solutions to their DDoS problems
• Real world results and benefits of deploying a First Line of Defense against DDoS attacks
• DDoS defense as an additional revenue stream for your business