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  • Sep

    HPE: Unifying Data, Cloud & AI

    By: Ekovox
    Date: 09/15/2021
    Every organization today is looking to accelerate innovative transformation. The key to success lies in leveraging the combined forces of data, cloud, and AI. But within IT, adopting and implementing these modernizing trends singly much less syne...
    • Aug

      The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Microsoft Teams Data Protection

      By: Ekovox
      Date: 08/25/2021
      Learn how to get the Good and to stay away from the Bad & The Ugly of M365 Data Protection with Druva Aug 25 @ 1pm ET
      • Jul

        Engagement, Operations & Service Delivery

        By: Ekovox
        Date: 07/29/2021
        Our global shift toward remote work, the competitive need for IT cost optimization, newer solutions with distributed computing demands, and growing big data challenges are all making the legacy data center obsolete. As a result, enterprises n...
        • Jul

          Empowering Users Near & Far: Discovering the Secrets to Great VDI

          By: Ekovox
          Date: 07/22/2021
          Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) helps deliver critical business apps and data to all users near and far. A great VDI implementation increases productivity, connects your workforce, and greatly extends your corporate reach. But setting up sc...
          • Mar

            Truth in Data Protection: Cover Your SaaS

            By: Ekovox
            Date: 03/17/2021
              Corporate IT shops are relying more and more on native cloud apps including Microsoft365, Google Suite, Salesforce and others. The commonly held belief is that, if it's stored in the cloud, it's protected but that is simply not true. Storing d...
            • Jan

              Delivering End User Computing in 2021

              By: Ekovox
              Date: 01/21/2021
              You’ve weathered the remote work storm of 2020. Congratulations! But you know you are not done. Now is the time to think about what your End User Computing (EUC) environment will look like by the end of 2021! In this webinar, the NetApp EUC team takes ...
              • Jun

                FujiFilm's Object Archive

                By: Ekovox
                Date: 06/22/2020
                These clips describe what problem FujiFilm solves with its Object Archive solution; how it solves them; the cost model and the most common use cases. Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data walks through it with Christopher Kehoe, Head of Infrastructure ...
                • May

                  The Truth is in the Clouds

                  By: Ekovox
                  Date: 05/14/2020
                  ORIGINAL AIR DATE: May 14 @ 1pm ET Welcome to the new normal where virtually all companies, universities and organizations are asking their employees to work remotely…with many doing so for the first time. Thanks to massive advances in cloud computing,...
                  • Nov

                    Serverless Computing

                    By: Ekovox
                    Date: 11/04/2018
                    Serverless computing dissected and explained by resident expert, Mike Matchett of Small World Big Data
                    • Apr

                      Mike Matchett: Small World Big Data

                      By: Ekovox
                      Date: 04/01/2018
                      Mike has deep real world experience in a variety of datacenter topics ranging from storage to networking. Known for his broad knowledge, engaging wit and a desire to help clarify complex concepts so they're easily digestible. Mike's Small World Big D.....