The Business Case for Disaster Recovery | Truth in IT: Enterprise Tech via Video

How to prepare for a disaster is one thing. How to prepare the non-technical buyer to know how to budget for a disaster is another. The technical buyer knows how critical it is and it's equally as critical for them to know how to justify it to the non...

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The Business Case for Disaster Recovery

Published by: Ekovox
12/15/2016 13:00:00 - 12/15/2016 14:00:00 -

In this webinar, on 12.15 @ 1pm ET, Keith Townsend (@CTOadvisor) explains step-by-step the strategies he uses to get a disaster recovery project approved. The technical team knows the value...but there's tricks, techniques and a little psychology involved with getting the non-technical decisionmaker on board with due diligence.  Join the webinar here:  MAKING THE BUSINESS CASE...FOR DISASTER RECOVERY

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