Phishing Trends for 2018: Is the Worst Yet to Come?

12/14/2017 13:00:00 - 12/14/2017 14:00:00 -

Phishing Trends for 2018, Is the Worst Yet to Come?

Ransomware has tipped the 1 billion mark and damages are expected to be around 5 billion before the year is out. Use of ransomware has evolved throughout the year with a 600% rise in URL emails delivering malware in just Q3 2017. CEO fraud (aka BEC) has cost another 5 billion according to the FBI as of May 2017. What's next and how can you protect your organization?  

Join Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, Erich Kron, for this webinar “Phishing and Social Engineering in 2018: Is the Worst Yet to Come?”. Erich will discuss some of the latest trends in cybercrime and give you an insider's perspective on what to expect for 2018 and how to prepare for it.  

Key topics covered in this webinar:

• Understanding the current threat landscape

• What scary new threats will be on the rise for 2018

• Next innovations of ransomware, phishing and social engineering

• What you can do to make your organization a harder target for cybercrime

• How to create your “human firewall”

We're also giving away ten (10) Amazon Gift Cards each worth $100 during the event.


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