Never Assume Breach: How to Build a Data Driven Defense Strategy | Truth in IT: Enterprise Tech via Video

Join us for this webcast w. KnowBe4 to discuss how to build a data-driven defense strategy with Roger Grimes. March 19 @ 1pm ET. We're also giving away 10 Amazon $100 gift cards during the event!

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Never Assume Breach: How to Build a Data Driven Defense Strategy

Published by: Ekovox
03/19/2020 13:00:00 - 03/19/2020 14:00:00 -

Date: March 19 @ 1pm ET

Even the world’s most successful organizations have significant weaknesses in their IT security defenses, which today’s determined hackers can exploit at will. There’s even a term for it: Assume Breach. But assuming you’ll be hacked isn’t an option for you. Your organization can’t afford a loss of assets or downtime.  

Join Roger Grimes, KnowBe4’s Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, for this informative webinar where you’ll learn not only the most common reasons for data breaches in organizations like yours but how you can determine your specific weaknesses.  

You’ll walk away from this understanding: 

      ~ What most organizations are doing wrong and how to fix it

      ~ How to build an action plan to improve your IT security effectiveness 

      ~ Why security awareness training is a security layer you can’t afford to skip.

Date: March 19 @ 1pm ET


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