Data Protection in the 4th Industrial Revolution

03/07/2019 13:00:00 - 03/07/2019 14:00:00 -

Since 2000, over half of the F500 have disappeared because they didn't embrace the realities of modern digital business. Many refer to this as, "The Fourth Industrial Revolution." Recent research of more than 750 IT professionals reveals too many organizations are unprepared to adequately protect their data and therefore their ability to survive and thrive. New data types, increased workload volumes, stricter SLA's and multi-generational IT infrastructure make data protection more complex and more critical than ever.

Learn how to better prepare your organization for survival and success. We'll cover:

     ~ Detailed survey results revealed in the report

     ~ The "as-a-service" model cost and security concerns

     ~ Why multi-generational infrastructure poses so many challenges

     ~ How AI-powered data protection technology will help

Join Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst of Small World Big Data and Arcserve's Solutions Marketing & Enablement Manager, Mathew Knutson for this video webcast Q/A session. We're also giving away ten (10) Amazon $100 Gift Cards during the event!

March 7 @ 1pm ET


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