How (& Why) to #Phish Like the Bad Guys w. @KnowBe4


In spite of all the spectacular news stories about advanced persistent threats and targeted hacks from nation-states, the most common security challenge facing enterprises today continues to be social engineering.  

Successful hackers know the user is the weakest link in the security chain. Email phishing campaigns have proven to be the path of least resistance to get unsuspecting individuals to download and install their malicious software. Getting users to identify phishing attacks and training them not to click on links in email messages is not a trivial task.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn the strategies and techniques that social engineers are finding success with. You’ll also learn how to implement these techniques, to create real-world simulated phishing email to test your employees and see how phish-prone they really are.  

Key topics covered in this webinar: - Latest phishing attacks strategies and techniques - Some of the top-clicked phishing emails from Q3-2017 - How to use these tactics when creating simulated phishing emails to test your users.