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At Carbonite, we understand that IT isn’t just a job for you – it’s a state of mind, and usually a hectic one. Managing a mix of old and new systems, supporting data stores that have grown up to 50% each year, and ensuring uptime for critical day to day operations. Meanwhile, you’re relying on inadequate data protection that doesn’t fit the demands of your complex environment, like running IBM i series, Linux, Windows, VMware, and Hyper-V all at once. And if you forget one security patch or one little phishing email makes it through, the whole system grinds to a halt, and your business loses days of productivity, or countless bites of priceless data. So instead of focusing on long-term strategy, you focus on things that can keep you up all night worrying, and worrying is no way to transcend the challenges of IT. You do that by partnering with Carbonite, because Carbonite offers customized data protection and backup that is designed to fit your needs and adapt to your business as it grows and evolves, helping you protect your full environment with tiers of systems organized by criticality. Carbonite also offers you a choice of onsite, cloud or hybrid models that can help you achieve your perfect balance of performance, cost savings and scalability. With data protection solutions for more than 200 operating systems and applications, and recovery options that can guarantee data recovery in as little as 5 minutes, simplifying your backup and availability protection, and saving your data from disasters. So yes, IT may be hectic, but with the right strategy in place, your state of mind doesn’t have to be. Discover a balanced solution that’s one with your complex environment, and discover the zen of IT, with high availability and disaster recovery solutions from Carbonite.