Can Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT Networks

Published by: Ekovox
Date: 11/20/2017
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LPWA technologies for IoT applications have become a leading concern in the telecom industry for several reasons. For one, LPWA technologies using unlicensed spectrum, especially Sigfox, LoRaWAN, and Ingenu’s RPMA, have captured significant mindshare. Additionally LPWA technologies claim a growing customer base and accelerating geographic coverage. For its part, the telecom industry has now developed licensed-spectrum LPWA standards in the form of eMTC and NB-IoT and is now working to enhance the capabilities of these technologies.

Yet significant questions remain about the competitive landscape for LPWA technologies and vendors, and how different LPWA technologies compare in their usefulness for various IoT applications. Longer term, the telecom industry’s inclusion of IoT as a focus of 5G development increases the complexity for selecting an LPWA technology. This webinar will provide clarity on the evolving LPWA landscape through industry research and real-world development experience.

Global enterprises and service providers with an interest in LPWA-relevant IoT applications including surveillance/security, smart home/building, smart energy/utilities, transport, manufacturing, and healthcare segments.

- LPWA technology landscape
- LPWA performance characteristics
- LPWA vendor/service provider landscape
- Relevance of 5G to LPWA market evolution
- Answers to audience questions during live Q&A

- Sam Lucero, Senior Principal Analyst, M2M and IoT, IHS Markit
- Marco Argenton, Director of Product Marketing, Telit
- Allen Tatara, Sr. Manager, Webinar Events, IHS Markit (Moderator)