Digital Transformation Organizational Guidelines


You’re responsible for the digital transformation initiative. But where do you start? This webinar gives you insight into establishing or refining your digital transformation ecosystem, addressing the following issues:
• What are the “must-haves” for successful digital transformation?
• How do you address cultural issues, and push-back from those who are happy with the status quo?
• What is the step-by-step guidelines for developing an effective organizational structure that fosters digital transformation?
• What is a reasonable budget?
• How many and which people should be involved?
• How do the business units and IT interact?
• How will you develop business cases and field ideas to transform your organization? How do you evangelize the work?
• Which technologies are table stakes, and which enable innovative transformations?

Technologies Highlighted
• Cloud - platforms, apps (UC, email, CRM, video, document sharing, contact center), management tools
• Mobile – app store, content management, app management, mobile device management
• Advanced – Embedded APIs, SDx, machine learning, Blockchain, human-machine interface, 3D printing, virtual personal assistants/bots, drones, artificial intelligence, wearables, IoT platforms and networks
• Collaboration – Team collaboration, WebRTC
• Security – Advanced endpoint security, cloud security and single sign-on, app security, behavioral threat analytics, zero trust security model, microservices, DevSecOps