Keynote Debate from the RMACC Symposium: Future of HPC


Broadcast live from the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium’s 7th annual High Performance Computing (HPC) Symposium, an innovative “Keynote Debate” on the future of HPC architecture that features leaders from four major high performance computing companies.

Debate participants:

-Marc Hamilton, Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Engineering at NVIDIA;

-Mike Vildibill, Vice President of Exascale Development Programs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise;

-Jerry Lotto, Director HPC and Technical Computing at Mellanox; and

-William Magro, Chief Technologist for HPC Software at Intel

Dr. Thomas Hauser, Director of Research Computing at CU-Boulder and Chair of the 20-member RMACC, serve as debate leader, and Tiffany Trader, Managing Editor of HPCwire serves as debate moderator.