You likely already use @ComtradeSW for #dataprotection


In this short video, Subbiah Sundaram, Head of Data Protection with Comtrade Software discusses their new HYCU product for Nutanix environments but...Comtrade is not a new player. Their data protection software is embedded in many of the world's leading data protection solutions. They have been a player in this space for a very long time and if you're trying to protect a Nutanix environment w/yet another software solution, you might want to look at one purpose built for Nutanix environments.



David Littman:                    Hey, Dave Littman, Truth in IT and I am joined by Subbiah Sundaram. Subbiah is head of data protection with Comtrade Software. Subbiah, welcome.

Subbiah Sundaram:             Thank you very much Dave.

David Littman:                    Subbiah, we're going to learn a little bit about Comtrade. For many of our viewers they might not even be realizing that they are using Comtrade Software, maybe somewhere under the covers. Give us a little bit about the history of who Comtrade Software is.

Subbiah Sundaram:             Absolutely. Comtrade Software has been in business for over 20 years. We are part of a Comtrade group that has been over $300 million in revenue. Comtrade's mission is literally very simple. Our goal is to simplify the IT administrator's life. That's greatly usable solutions that actually drive better business results. That's our focus. If you look what are the areas domains we focus on it's IT monitoring and data protection. Those are the two things we focus on and maniacal focus on those two areas.

                                                      We have had the luxury of working with some the largest blue chip companies like Nutanix, Citrix, Microsoft, HP, F5 and so on. That's a little bit of our heritage. If you look at from a bit of the monitoring space we actually have solutions which take the a lot of the data center infrastructure customers have and integrate into the data center monitoring tools like Microsoft  SCOM, Microsoft OMS and HP Operations Manager and many more to come. We have monitoring solutions today for SCOM and OMS solutions for Nutanix, F5 and so on.

                                                      From a data protection perspective, we have actually worked on at least eight different data protection solutions. Many customers like Lily, that's true. We have worked on at least eight different data protection solutions and we have supported over a 100,000 customers as of today. All these are large enterprise customers. The biggest thing of late which we have done, as of June we announced it, a product called HYCU which is a purpose built data protection solution for Nutanix and we have had excellent kudos from customers, partners and analysts. The key things which they love are the simplicity and the built in intelligence in the solution which makes the entire data protection process as a customer reported, brilliant. That's a thing well done.

David Littman:                    All right, get Subbiah. It's really interesting. You guys are making a purpose built data protection solution specifically for Nutanix but also in many large environments where companies are using some legacy data protection software, there's a very good chance that Comtrade Software somewhere has submitted and provided underlying code to help enhance those solutions.

Subbiah Sundaram:             Absolutely. As one of the other things we say is that at least 40% of the data protection solutions in the garden or magic quarters, we have actually had our footprint on.

David Littman:                    All right, fabulous Subbiah. That's impressive. Check them out, Subbiah Sundaram, thanks very much for taking the time to speak with us today.

Subbiah Sundaram:             Thank you very much, Dave.