Data protection purpose built for @Nutanix


Another data protection software? Not really...Comtrade is purpose built for the Nutanix platform. If you're a Nutanix shop why would this matter? Watch this short 4 min video and find out!


David L:                  Hi. Dave Littman, Truth in IT joined again by Subbiah Sundaram, Head of Data Protection with Comtrade Software. Hey Subbiah, welcome back again.

Subbiah S:            Thank you very much Dave.

David L:                  So hey, we're talking about data protection specifically for Nutanix, we've talked about who you guys are an what makes you guys different in terms of your design philosophy. Now why the focus on Nutanix.

Subbiah S:            Absolutely. It's a great question a lot of customers ask us, you know? Because normally when you enter an industry, let's say data protection or something, people say, "I want to go after the entire world." That's the first thing people look at. We said, that's great, but it's all really account of space. Why are we entering and what are we trying to do, right? Our entire philosophy was we want to simplify, as I mentioned earlier. We want to simplify the entire data protection. We said we can go after solving world hunger, but that's not focused and we will never be able to do good for that. So let's pick one vendor, one platform. People are looking at it as a platform rather than a product.

                                    Nutanix was a platform for us. Because we looked at Nutanix, this is almost be two years by now. So we look at Nutanix as a platform. They've done a phenomenal job of not just making infrastructure management simple, they're building lots of great resources around it. We said we want to build data protection as a service on top of Nutanix platform. That's why we chose Nutanix. This was actually even before they went IPO, we looked at them and bet on them and I think they've been a phenomenal partner for us. And we found a space where the entire data protection is simple, but when you look and talk to customers, oh they were going to back up using their traditional legacy back up. You know, the whole reason they went to Nutanix was they wanted to simplify. It's like saying, "Oh, I want to buy more expensive high speed car," and put regular gasoline. It's the wrong thing to do. You're going to not get the best out of the best. So that's why we looked at Nutanix.

                                    They had an opportunity. They brought in the best platform for [inaudible 00:02:08] service. We have the technology and the people skills to build a solution purposeful for them. And we took the bet and so far it's played out really well and customers are extremely happy because it's a software purpose built so it's extremely simple to deploy, easy to learn, and very much aligns with the Nutanix philosophy of one click, and that's the model we get to work on.

David L:                  Fabulous. So tightly integrated with Nutanix, it's great idea. And I have a ton more questions. What are the other companies that Comtrade Software has developed software for? Some of the more deeper questions about the Nutanix integration. I'm sure you have those questions, too. Visit or reach out to Subbiah, reach out to us here at Truth in IT, we'll help get those questions answered for you. Subbiah, thanks again for taking the time.

Subbiah S:            Thank you very much Dave for your time.

David L:                  Thanks for watching.