3 Reasons why @ComtradeSW protects the #Nutanix Solution


In this short video, learn about 3 major reasons why Comtrade helps a Nutanix environment. We speak with Subbiah Sundaram, Head of Data Protection with Comtrade Software.


Dave Littman:                     Hi Dave Littman and again I am joined by Subbiah Sundaram with Comtrade. Subbiah welcome back again. We are going to talk about the design philosophy of Comtrade and what makes you guys different in the crowded space of data protection companies?

Subbiah S.:                             Absolutely. Thank you very much Dave for the opportunity. There are three things which I think of and we started designing a data protection solution. We have been in the data protection industry for 20 plus years, right? So we keep thinking like, we have a lot of IP. We could have actually brought a lot of IT from that into Nutanix and said, "Oh, we have a software." We said, you know what, we should not do that. We should learn from our past what are the good things which worked, what other things didn't work. Didn't want to carry the baggage, but bring the learnings and make it extremely simple. That's our philosophy, first.

                                                      The key thing we did was we were building a solution for Nutanix. We said Nutanix has done a phenomenal job of simplifying infrastructure management. They've taken the entire infrastructure and made it so that infrastructure is a service for customers. We said we've got to do the same thing for data protection. That's our first philosophy.

                                                      The second thing for us was we were building a solution for Nutanix. Because we're building for Nutanix, we wanted to make it almost near zero learning curve. And I think we have been fairly close to that because the entire learning [inaudible 00:01:33] for our product's about four minutes. So I think hopefully we've met that goal. So that's the second one.

                                                      The third thing is that the ... See the entire reason customers are more into hyper converge is because they want to eliminate silos. That's something people hate, silos. And people talk about it, but they keep creating nuance in the infrastructure. So we said, come on, our software should not create new silos. That was our third philosophy. So what we said was, the reason ... If you think about data protection, just one more workload, it's not a separate workload. So we said Nutanix has a fantastic infrastructure so customers have two choices: either, if they already have [inaudible 00:02:13], which is any other platform that they can do a backup to, we want to [inaudible 00:02:18] the choice for them, that's number one. If they need extra capacity, they should create a new silo. Expand what they already have in Nutanix. We should be able to expand the Nutanix capacity. And that's something, again, the whole philosophy for us to make it extremely simple for the customer, not create new silos, and make the entire operation much more straightforward.

Dave Littman:                     Okay. Sounds great Subbiah. Thanks very much for explaining that for us. In the next video, we're going to talk about why the focus on Nutanix. So join us again. Subbiah, thank you. Thanks for watching. Check out the next videos.

Subbiah S.:                             Thank you Dave.