Meet Cirrus Data Solutions and make enterprise data


In this video, learn about how Cirrus Data Solutions help enterprises migrate large block level datasets from legacy to new and heterogeneous infrastructures non-disruptively...either local or remote. Part 1 of 4 Part Series.


David Littman:                    Hey, Dave Littman here, Truth in IT speaking with Wayne Lam, Wayne is founder and CEO of Cirrus Data. Wayne, welcome.

Wayne Lam:                         Hi David! Thank you.

David Littman:                    Great to have you here. Wayne, I know you back from your days at FalconStore. Talk about Cirrus Data, your new venture. Tell us what it is and what you guys do.

Wayne Lam:                         Absolutely. Cirrus Data is very proud to be evolving, to be the defacto migration standard from block level migration. Our products have been in the market for many years now winning the hearts and souls of the largest professional service team who are doing data migration or data center move for their large customers.

                                                      So recently we have of course, announced the HPE relationship where they standardize on us for global use for all block level migration. And of course, IBM global services and many other storage vendors have been using us, sort of an unnamed hero in the background when a large migration project is done by us, by then is usually about data migration too.

David Littman:                    Okay great. So Wayne, in under a minute, tell us what makes you guys unique in terms of helping data center customers migrate their data, their block level data between systems?

Wayne Lam:                         Absolutely. I think the core is a technology that we invented called transparent data path intercept. And with that, to cut to the chase of it is that we're able to simplify what normally is a humongously complex task for migrating from A to B, especially when it involves hundreds of terabytes and a large number of different branded storage. So we are able to simplify that to, without any down time, requiring no down time, we require no configuration change to your existing production live environment. We can go there, deploy the product, do the migration and in many cases totally without downtime, zero down time. So that, as you can imagine, solves a huge problem for enterprises where the migration could take months, and yet they cannot put off each of that application for any extended down time.

David Littman:                    Okay fabulous. Okay Wayne, thank you. Check Wayne out, his company's We're going to do another video and it's going to take us through a little bit more of a walkthrough, a little bit more in depth. Thanks Wayne, and we'll talk to you again soon.

Wayne Lam:                     Thank you David.