OneKloud Saves a Client $3M+


In this clip, Eric Didier, CEO of OneKloud ( describes how they saved their client over $3M in wasteful cloud spending. 

Dave: Hey Dave Littman Truth in IT & I am joined 

again by Eric Didier.  Eric is CEO with OneKloud. 

Listen we know we've got a busy audience we want to take maybe just a minute two minutes tops. Let's talk about a success story where OneKloud has helped its clients save alot of money.

Eric: I've got a nice story I'm not going to name the customer because that may not be very polite because they used to spend 7 million dollars which is a pretty decent budget and after running OneKloud they discovered that in fact to be precise 47% which is half of the money was spent on infrastructure belonging to some of their old customer that were no longer customers. In fact they were painting as their money just for four people who disappeared but because there are something like 2000 different services up and running with absolutely no knowledge or no track record of what was being used.


Thanks to OneKloud they were able to investigate and then they discovered that one of the big projects called

“unknown” accounted for half of the money of the company took up some something like two to three weeks to discover that and then they cut that cost by half and they have been trying to use the usual habits which are tagging machines and things like that but it just didn't work out but that's not the way the cloud is done so thanks to OneKloud they got back to the root which means allocating budget checking the budget and then catching the expenses when there is no need to spend something.


Dave: well that's an incredible story ok so 7 million spent with AWS used one cloud cut their spend by 50%

Eric: yeah absolutely to be precise at 3.4 which is a little bit less than 50

Dave: fabulous ok so great story

Eric we stayed within a minute a half

Dave: thanks very much for taking the time to speak with us