O-R3 Ground-Aerial Outdoor Security Robot


Behold The Future...AUTONOMOUS DRIVE
Powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm and 3D SLAM technology, the O-R3 navigates its surroundings perceptively.

With profound situation discernment and intuitive environment orientation, O-R3 detects anomalies, avoids obstacles, and self charges when its energy is running flat.

Varied Cameras
With an array of cameras that serve specialised functions in the likes of thermal imaging, facial and license plate recognition, stereo photography and more, O-R3 is able to capture and access a wide range of data.
Highly Precise Sensors
O-R3 is equipped with numerous 3D and 2D laser scanners, IMU and ultrasonic sensors, GPS, long range data transmitters and more, that enables the most granular of data to be collected.
Intelligent Data Combination
Through sensor fusion technology, O-R3 intelligently crunches huge chunks of data at top speed that gives it acute scene understanding, for performance of human-like actions such as obstacle avoidance and anomaly detection, at machine efficacy.

A combination of a four-wheeled self-driving vehicle and surveillance drone, O-R3 is, dare we say, the world’s first autonomous security robot with an aerial and ground collaborative surveillance system (UGV + UAV).

Together with a formidable physical presence on site, O-R3 effectively deters potential crime.

Incoming Real-Time Alerts
Typically overseen by skilled human security personnel, the fleet control centre functions as the central communication system where all alerts from O-R3 are received.
Human-Robot Collaboration
With real-time alerts from O-R3 displayed visually on the dashboard, human security personnel are able to act instantly to prevent or stop crime.
Manual Takeover
Humans are ultimately still in control. Here, authorised security personnel can override the O-R3 and manually manoeuvre its movements when necessary.

360 Degree Surveillance Scope
O-R3’s UGV-UAV collaborative surveillance system ensures a thorough sweep of designated premises that leaves no blind spots unchecked.
24/7 Patrol and Protection
With self-charging capability, the O-R3 never runs flat and operates at consistent efficiency, 24/7.
Fulfils Undesirable, Uninspiring Jobs
Equipped with superior technology that augments human capabilities, O-R3 performs routine tasks with machine efficacy and leaves human guards to high value ones.

Ease of Setup and Deployment
O-R3 needs no prior training. Built with advanced Artificial Intelligence, all’s required to get started is a one-time setup of the fleet control centre.
Increases Productivity
No off days, medical leave, and breaks in between. O-R3 performs its security duties with machine driven efficiency, 24/7, 365.
Constant Presence
In an industry plagued with high turnover, O-R3 ensures fulfilment of 24/7 security shifts that keeps premises secure at all times and reduces the reliance on human guards.