SAP Copy-Clone simplified with @PureStorage


Pure Storage provides SAP cop-clone capabilities embedded in our storage arrays, helping customers to simplify the entire process reducing time, resources and cost.

SAP system copy clone and refreshed tasks are complex and time-consuming. For example the pre-core database and post copy activities for traditional SAP and SAP HANA databases whether physical or virtual can take days to perform but the new automation tool from PureStorage can simplify the process and reduce that time from days to hours. Let's see it in action we'll look at traditional SAP source and target systems running on an Oracle database to demonstrate the process we log into the source system and create a record with entries for mr. pure and orange car then we run the pure storage SAP automation tool and begin the system copy we select classical mode pre refresh activities specify the

source Sid and then click run we see the system exporting RFC destinations

partner profiles and other transactions as part of the pre refresh activities

next we select the database copy specify the source and target systems and start the copy the status of activities window shows copy events like unmounting the database file system reading the source control file taking a snapshot of the

source system and so on finally we perform all the post refresh activities such as importing the objects again we can monitor progress with the status of activities window finally we can verify that the s ap system copy was successful because we see that the record we created in the source system is also present here on the target system the new automation tool from pure storage makes end-to-end system copy clone and refresh tasks for traditional SAP and SAP HANA databases whether virtual or physical simple and lightning-fast that's because it runs inside purity run on the all-flash array and not on your main system to learn

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