The IT Zone: from Happy #SysAdmin Day via @Spiceworks


What happens when IT loses IT? We enter the realm of makeshift blowtorches, monitor abuse, and printer attacks. Brace yourself for this mind-bending barrage of IT mishaps. And special thanks to all you hard-working SysAdmins who put up with… the rest of us.

Happy SysAdmin Day!
—The Spiceworks Team


there is a fifth dimension where the IT

department is overrun by incompetence

this is the dimension of ticket tariffs

it is an area which we call the IT zone

hey hey hey yeah keep it down man I was

hope really care what's going on but my

laptop's frozen you know you should

pitch it all right look I don't know

anything John technology just good luck

it's frozen fix it put it in the sink

the daughter and I just fixed the laptop

please don't worry about it

never mind where are you going you can

forget wireless now thank you you were

just here 15 seconds ago you order what

type of course choose the keyboard yeah

all right thank you

just a little elbow grease sweat off

your brow and done that ought to do it

yes sure don't act like very nice you

are you questioning RS this week mixer

beat NP that's right I called the mill

yet to put the ten is like an eye and

here on the keyboard but you wouldn't

know anything about that because you

already see you know how to type never

do harsh car truck in power GCC for

center so isn't working


control off the lease and closing time

baby that wasn't so bad

I choose easy well I'm glad you feel

that way because we have a corrupt

sequel database flapping internet and a

kernel panic we're gonna be here all

night long

ah thanks for handling IT better thanthese two 


happy sysadmin day