X27 HD Colour Night Vision - Behold The Future


Behold The Future...X27 Reconnaissance Day/Night high Fidelity true real time low light/low lux color night vision Imaging Security / Multi Purpose camera system.

The digital X27 ColorVision reconnaissance LLL (Low Light Level) true Color night vision VIS-NIR sensor is a technological breakthrough in night vision technology.
High performance, low noise, high sensitivity & an incredible 5000000 equivalent ISO rating are just a few features offered by the system.
The SWaP ColorVision sensor can be integrated into night vision sights, scopes, monoculars, binoculars, drivers aid, UAV, UAS, unmanned and a wide array of defense, homeland security, border, ground, mobile, marine, airborne, military, wildlife, documentary, specialty combat camera photography, Astro/aerial/airborne/space remote imaging, aurora borealis, security and surveillance applications.

The X27 is Ideal for many uses other than security and surveillance, such as medical, bio-imaging,
TV, nature/wildlife, documentary & cinema footage, astrophotography, underwater imaging, forensics,
R&D, Scientific, and a wide array of commercial and industrial applications.

The x27 Reconnaissance HD Day/Night vision security imager can be used standalone and complimentary to FLIR thermal IR infrared imaging, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, I2, CMOS,
CCD, NVG’s and all existing military/defense/space EOIR Imaging systems.

The x27 low light color sensor has extremely large pixel pitch cells for high light gathering
capabilities and is very sensitive in the IR spectra region. The high 5 Million equivalent ISO
system has outstanding low lux capabilities with a whopping 85,000x luminance gain.



STARLIGHT NIGHT TEST X27 color Low Light night vision imaging camera sensor shootout