Xebia - Cloud-Native AWS Premier Partner with a focus on Migration, Data, GenAI, and FinOps


Xebia is an AWS Premier Consulting partner and authorized training partner boasting a broad range of AWS competencies and service delivery designations across multiple verticals, such as Financial Services and Retail. Our AWS specializations are cloud native development, migration and modernization, cost optimization, data and analytics, and AI and Machine Learning.

The world is going digital. We are here to transform your business. Gen AI is a powerful form of artificial intelligence that creates content, solves problems, and improves our lives. It's revolutionizing art, medicine, finance, and manufacturing. But the real revolution happens when technology is integrated into our lives to create a better future. Exhibit. We are leading this revolution. Our experts in cloud data and software technology build solutions with generative AI on AWS. We provide end to end business solutions.

Base Cloud solutions for AWS Landing Zones data, MLOps IoT and generative AI. Xebia Base solutions enable organizations to generate business value from AWS.

Xebia – IT consultancy and software development with global offices, we automate processes and empower teams to achieve your boldest goals on the AWS cloud. Partner with Xebia for expertise and authentic values in your AWS cloud journey.

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