How to create an AWS S3 File Upload Service in Rust Axum


Learn how to build a Rust web service to upload files to an AWS S3 bucket with this step-by-step tutorial.
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00:00 Demo
00:38 Developing an AWS File Upload Service in Rust Axum
09:23 Setting up AWS S3 Bucket and IAM Policies

Discover how to configure Axum to handle multipart requests, set request body limits, and integrate with AWS SDK for Rust. Explore best practices for handling file uploads, generating unique filenames, and returning JSON responses with file URLs. Get hands-on experience with crates like axum, tokio, aws-sdk-s3, and more. Perfect for Rust developers looking to deploy production-ready file upload functionality.

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Rust Web Development with Axum
Handling Multipart Requests in Rust
Configuring Request Body Limits in Axum
Integrating AWS SDK for Rust with Axum
Uploading Files to AWS S3 Bucket from Rust
Generating Unique Filenames for File Uploads with UUID Version 4
Returning JSON Responses with File URLs
Rust Error Handling and Response Mapping
Setting Up AWS S3 Bucket and IAM Policies
Rust Production Deployment Best Practices
Crate Management and Dependency Handling
Async/Await and Tokio Runtime in Rust

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