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See how the University of Michigan uses to provide thousands of secure, compliant virtual data centers that house some of the worlds most advanced medical research

The University of Michigan is a leading public research institution with a research budget of nearly $1.5 billion per year. The goal of the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) program is to enable research that utilizes computational resources, such as data analytics and large-scale simulations. Researchers require a secure environment with enough performance to solve their problems as quickly as possible. In the past, researchers had to procure their own systems, which would go through a compliance process that could take months. Now, through Verge.IO technology, ARC can use Verge's templated system using software-defined technology that allows for quick auditing and creation of enclaves with defined virtual networking and storage. Researchers can now easily request additional storage, memory, and processing power without leaving their desks, enabling them to spend more time doing research and providing results. The existence of this cloud solution has reduced the time it takes for researchers to gain access to necessary resources and has made the process more efficient. Learn more at Verge.IO