Optimize Network Efficiency with SD-WAN

Optimize Network Efficiency with SD-WAN

Cisco & Equinix discuss how a managed SD-WAN solution provides greater performance and improved security across distributed environments globally and locally.

As enterprises migrate applications and workloads to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, they need to be able to deliver connectivity where it’s needed, with sufficient bandwidth for growing numbers of devices, users, and apps as well as rising data volumes. This will involve automating key infrastructure elements using NFV, SDN and SD-WAN technologies.

WANs will need the ability to scale and optimize performance for a fast-changing array of distributed apps, supporting remote working and business continuity. Networks will need flexibility to adapt faster to change while still delivering resiliency, security, and management simplicity. Rather than being built for peak demands, they will need the flexibility to allocate resources when needed.

In this webcast, learn how SD-WAN can:

     ~ Cut network costs by up to 66%.

     ~ Consolidate network and security services at the edge, with singular admin control and policy management.

     ~ Scale and optimize to meet the challenges of distributed apps environments, unpredictable demands, and remote workforce enablement for business continuity.