Graduate from Legacy Relational to NoSQL in 3 Steps

Graduate from Legacy Relational to NoSQL in 3 Steps

Couchbase reviews the advantages of a NoSQL architecture and how simple it is to migrate from traditional relational to a NoSQL environment.

Databases are like languages: it's very useful to know more than one. NoSQL databases promise better performance, scaling, lower cost of ownership, and flexibility for many use cases. With recent advances in NoSQL including ACID transactions, SQL queries, scopes, collections, and more, making the jump to NoSQL is becoming more straightforward. In this session, you will learn how to automatically migrate a relational database (including tables, data, indexes, users, and even queries) over to a modern NoSQL database.

 The three steps that will be covered include:

     1. Lifting your legacy data and data structure into a modern database.

     2. Shifting your legacy application and clients to use NoSQL

     3. Refactoring your legacy data model to improve performance and efficiency

After this short session, you'll have taken a huge leap to learning a new technology and providing benefits to your team and organization, including the ability to:

     ~ Develop faster with SQL for JSON queries (N1QL), plus multi-modal key-value, full text search, and analytics capabilities

     ~ Deploy everywhere from edge to cloud, wherever and however you want

     ~ Perform optimally at scale with a built-in memory-first architecture for sub-millisecond operations