Cisco & Logicalis: Engagement, Operation, Service Delivery

Cisco & Logicalis: Engagement, Operation, Service Delivery

Logicalis and Cisco discuss the challenges and solutions for managing and deploying complex, international IT deployments.

Our global shift toward remote work, the competitive need for IT cost optimization, newer solutions with distributed computing demands, and growing big data challenges are all making the legacy data center obsolete. As a result, enterprises need to evolve their data center architectures.

The traditional standalone data center is too isolated and expensive. Pure cloud hosting is overly exposed for sensitive data and, over time, can also be too expensive. While some form of enterprise hybrid cloud seems inevitable, traditional hybrid approaches are often riddled with complexity, inflexibility, and excessive cost. 

What is the right approach today? The new IT strategy is to transition to a platform that creates and interconnects cloud-adjacent architectures across digital infrastructure—gaining greater performance, scalability, and choice of cloud platforms at the right locations for the best application QoS.

Come join Mike Matchett, principal analyst with Small World Big Data, as he explores a hybrid data center approach that promises to serve all IT needs optimally for both user experience and cost. We’ll be talking with Ted Stein from Cisco and D.R. Carlson from Equinix, who have partnered to offer the Cloud Adjacent Data Center. Together we’ll take a close look at how Cisco Cloud Infrastructure and Software provides a smooth foundation for private enterprise workloads and emerging cloud-friendly applications, while Platform Equinix ensures first-class “adjacent” access to public cloud resources and services.