Richard Stiennon on Lone Wolf vs. State Bad Actors


Cybercriminals or state actors? Sometimes they overlap because there's synergies in some countries, North Korea and Russia in particular, where the cyber criminals also work for the federal intelligence agencies. So you've got that overlap. And of course, the most scary and devastating attacks would be those coming from nations. Military intelligence or some nations have cyber war efforts going on to develop those tools. Cybercrime attacks are typically just one victim at a time. They're not interested, even though sometimes they stumble into it like Colonial Pipeline and they, you know, engage in pure ransom attack against the company and tend to shut down its entire operations. They don't intend to do that. They want the company to just pay up. And so they move on to the next target. Learn more about what separates the cybercriminals from state actors and what's in store for malware and cybercrime in this video interview w. Richard Stiennon.