DCIG Top5 AWS & Azure Cloud Backup Solution


Spotlight on Zerto: DCIG's founder Jerome Wendt, will review and share the DCIG TOP 5 results that came out of its independent research into backup solutions for the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds. This webinar will cover DCIG’s analysis of more than 30 cloud backup providers and how they protect applications and data in these two clouds. DCIG will also delve into why backup remains relevant as enterprises host their applications and data in public clouds.

Jerome will elaborate upon the cloud backup features DCIG examined to arrive at its TOP 5 solutions and why enterprises should give preference to these cloud backup solutions. Features that help set these TOP 5 solutions apart include their support for applications enterprises lift-and-shift to the cloud, their support for protecting various databases hosted in these clouds, and their levels of technical support, among others. As part of the webinar,  participants will also hear directly from some of the DCIG TOP 5 cloud backup solution providers. Each will present the distinguishing features of its product offering and the ways they perform backup and recovery in the cloud.

Original Air Date: OCTOBER 21