Securing the Dream w. Cisco Duo & Citrix


Users want easy and immediate access to all their apps wherever they are hosted. Citrix enables that productivity dream with single sign-on and virtualization solutions like Citrix Gateway and Citrix Workspace. Today's highly mobile users are moving fast! They increasingly rely on multiple devices some known, but many unknown and most untrusted. And they expect to safely connect from seemingly random locations. Yet the majority (62%!) of security leaks today are caused by stolen, leaked, or hacked passwords.  

How can you serve “any app” securely based on trusting simple credentials from unknown, remote devices? Cisco Duo’s multi-factor authentication options and other features integrate seamlessly with Citrix Workspace and other solutions to provide “zero-trust” security. Duo assures that users are who they say they are regardless of device or location, while ensuring that their devices comply with your security standards and policies.  

Come learn how Duo is Securing the Dream and able to provide your fast-moving users easy access to all apps, on their devices, anywhere they need to work!

Original air date: March 25, 2020