Unitrends is Unified Data Protection


In this interview, Mike Matchett, CEO of Small World Big Data, talks with Adam Marget, Technical Specialist with Unitrends, about the importance of data protection, backup, and recovery, and Unitrends’ accessible approach to all of those elements. Matchett states, “If you're not restoring and backing, protecting everything, what good is it? You can't just bring back part of your business and operation, you’ve got to bring back all of it.”


Marget illustrates that getting by with a patchwork approach no longer makes sense as technology continues to evolve, and ransomware attacks’ cruelty grows. Marget provides an explanation of Unitrends’ storage, backup, protection and recovery offerings, and gives viewers a look into the dashboard, as well as a variety of reports that can be used to prevent future problems (revealing a failing backup, or detecting an anomaly that could indicate an attack with a months-long “slow burn”). Marget closes out the interview with a quick demo of their simple recovery process.