Datrium: Push Button for Orchestrated Disaster Recovery | Truth in IT: Enterprise Tech via Video

Recovery is one thing...fast and automated disaster recovery is another thing entirely. Instant recovery of entire datacenters is now possible thorough orchestrated disaster recovery plans and runbooks via Datrium's unique automated DR technology. Lea...

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Datrium: Push Button for Orchestrated Disaster Recovery

Published by: Ekovox
Date: 01/23/2020
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Sazzala Reddy, CTO and co-founder of Datrium, talks with Mike Matchett, analyst with Small World Big Data, about data protection for enterprises. Reddy says that people need to think of recovery very differently in the next decade, starting with terminology. He says, “It’s not backup systems, it’s recovery systems.” Disaster Recovery as a Service is a must in the era of Big Data, and Matchett and Reddy discuss how it can be both easy to implement and affordable through an automated and orchestrated DR system.  They also discuss increasing ransomware threats among businesses of all sizes, and businesses’ need to fight back with the right plan, tools, and approach.