Cloud Security vs. Data Protection


Mike Matchett & Mike Osterman Discuss: We're going to talk today a little bit together about cloud and data protection and why people might want to move to the cloud but are holding back because of security reasons and still putting infrastructure in datacenters. Because I've heard that cloud has hit 50% penetration now in terms of replacing infrastructure. Everyone wants to get out of the infrastructure operations business. They are quickly moving to service providers for just about everything they can. And as their workforce becomes more distributed and mobile they're finding that it's just too much work to bring specialization in for those things when they can just have someone else do it. It was doing it at scale but I've talked a lot of enterprises and they're still holding back and some are good bringing stuff back on premise. Building a private cloud, if you will, or worried about some data that they still don't trust being in the cloud. And so one question I have for you Mike, as a security guy, is what are they really afraid of? I mean is the cloud more secure these days than his own data center in a lot of ways?