End of Year: The Perfect Storm for Phishing Attacks


Phishing, spearphishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are forecasted to grow exponentially in 2019. But…the end of 2018 poses the perfect storm trifecta of threats: the holidays, start of tax season and a very busy time for end of year transactions . We are bringing together two of the industry’s top thought leaders in the email security space, Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst of Osterman Research and Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate of KnowBe4 to update us on what to look out for in 2018 and how to head into 2019 unscathed. In this webcast we’ll cover:

     ~Things to look out for specifically this time of year w/the holidays, tax season, W2 fraud, end of year, etc.

      ~Predictions for 2019 phishing/email malware attacks

      ~Really strange 1-off experiences that we’ve seen that you should be aware of  

      ~How to prepare yourself and build your human firewall and reinforce the weakest link of most organizations 

A replay of the Dec 13, 2018 Webcast.