What are the Alternatives to Serverless Computing


Part 4 of a 5 Part Series. See the other videos here: All About Serverless Computing

So we already have the alternatives in hand I think. We've gone from physical machines to running virtual machines or virtual appliances and that's an alternative. Lots of people now are looking at containers. I saw one study recently that said 38 percent of enterprises are playing with containers and going with that. What we really are looking for to do with serverless though is even skip that level of operation and get to a point where we're just running code functions in the cloud; functions as a service. However, people are saying look you know with the Internet of Things with other stuff I'll probably be dragging along things that need a container for quite some time. I'll probably dragging along things that need a virtual appliance for quite some time. There's a lot of stateful kinds of things databases and such that aren't going to easily get put into a function perspective very quickly. So I think you'll see serverless being added to the toolkit. There's some issue though that if you just do that you're not really going to get the full ROI out of of doing serverless. You really have to do that no operations perspective so little tension there and I think that means we played out a little bit.