Where Would One Apply Serverless Computing?


Part 3 of a 5 Part Series. See the other videos here: All About Serverless Computing

Yeah. So it's interesting that lots of people think that maybe serverless computing is the future of all computing. Because, you know, people think developers are lazy and they don't want to get they don't want to do dev-ops it turns out and you just want to get to the point of creating business value which is writing application code and giving to someone else. But the truth is more likely that most enterprises have a lot of legacy infrastructure and applications that just keep growing along. And what you're probably going to serverless for are the very newest applications that you truly can envision how to run in the cloud completely that you can develop as event driven kinds of applications because that's really what you need to do to build a function based environment. That you can take use of cloud services like DynamoDB and Lambda on the Amazon side or the equivalent functions in Azure and GCP. And you're just going to build those newest apps on there. However there were some examples presented this week at Serverless in New York City, the conference on serverless computing sponsored by Iguazio and others of companies that have got 100 percent serverless and have managed to do it either by complete design as a startup from the ground up or as one fellow explained, "like a strangler vine," and unwrapping bits of their application into serverless over time until there was nothing left inside of it and just serverless running everything. So it's going to be it's going to be interesting to see how this goes in the next couple of years.