The Latest Business Email Compromise Scams


Scammers have evolved from the days of the Nigerian Prince email scam. Nowadays, the latest business email compromise scams (BEC) are big business...estimated by the FBI to be a $9B business and growing. Because scammers are rarely caught, the incentives to make their scams more sophisticated are greater than ever. Today's scammers case your business like a theif cases a bank. They spoof your domain, know your org chart, who handles the money and target them with counterfeit emails and links that prey on your natural and reflexive instincts. They don't try to subvert your technical defenses...they know your weak underbelly is your human workforce. By exploiting their lack of knowledge they burrow into your networks and mine your company's valuable IP and wealth. Learn how they're succeeding and how to protect yourself so you don't become their next victim. Sponsored by KnowBe4. Originally aired 9.13.18.