Making It Stick: Secrets to Security Awareness


In this webinar, Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate with KnowBe4 explains best practices to help assess where you are today while laying out a plan to instill a culture of security awareness in your organization. We also discuss making it stick for the long term. In most cases, your employees are the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain and with all the upgrades to your technology, you need to consider upgrading your organization's employees' cybersecurity awareness. Teach them what to look for and how to report suspicious emails that sneak through spam filters and appear to be innocuous. Part of this culture of awareness is to understand how the hackers think and providing a simple way to report suspicious emails. Lastly, providing you a way to simulate a phishing attack helps easily train your group. You can programatically educate them and easily track your progress to maintain a high level of awareness. You can even make it a fun experience. In this webinar Erich and I touch on each of these aspects and help you understand how & where to start. KnowBe4 creates the complete program and have assisted hundreds of companies firm up their "human firewall" and you can start for free.


This originally aired as a webinar on March 21, 2018. Truth in IT creates webinars and videos that are educational and informational. Some are sponsored and some we commission. We have a network of subject matter experts who’ve spent years in the technology sector they blog about and offer their time to help educate their peers. They are speaking and learning about all these technologies and companies and aggregating their understanding to present a holistic yet concise market view.


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