CTRL+ALT+TECH: Unplugging for the Holidays


Pull up a seat and give thanks at the Spiceworks table for a heaping holiday helping of CTRL+ALT+TECH! On this special Thanksgiving edition of our IT pro web show, we’re priming you to unplug and let go for the already hectic holiday.
From pains, strains, and automation to practical tips for staying limber after too much Google-Fu, you’ll learn how to keep your feet on the ground as your technology goes to the clouds this Thanksgiving. Gobble IT up!

Check out past clips from CTRL+ALT+TECH: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcKNfH7lyAsfQKRgJm-LTykxBtOFt9pt5

This episode of CTRL+ALT+TECH is powered by HP and Microsoft! HP recommends Windows 10 Pro.

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