Bytes Webinar - An Introduction to Deception Technology


This free webinar for IT security & network practitioners introduces a new way to detect advanced persistent threat actors (APTs) and sophisticated malware.

Explore a live demonstration of the TrapX DeceptionGrid, a new approach to trapping attackers and malware in motion.

This concise, 40min technical webcast shares how:
* DeceptionGrid has thwarted malware in private & public sector organisations
* To detect attackers and malware moving anywhere in the network in real time
* To automate deployment of invisible traps to catch adversaries in action
* Deception technology avoids alert overload via high-confidence alerts
* Outbound Botnet detection rapidly detects hidden exfiltration activity
* Automated infrastructure integration provides on-demand threat remediation
* Real-time automation sends comprehensive assessments direct to your security analysts.

Gain a better understanding of Deception Based Technology. Join us to See DeceptionGrid in action and how it delivers high confidence, automated attack alerting & response.

You will leave with a clear idea of how you can use Deception Based Techniques to defend your enterprise against advanced attackers.