Manage your Shadow IT and protect your cloud.


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You've got a small company
with big goals, so naturally
your employees use cloud apps
to collaborate and get more done.
That's great...for them,
but leaves IT in the dark about which apps
are being used, who is using them
and most importantly, what data is being sent
to the cloud.
This black hole is commonly
referred to as: Shadow IT
and it's a ticking timebomb for SMB's.
Without the visibility to answer these questions
SMB's are an easy target for security threats.
Cloud Access Monitor shines a light on
Shadow IT by giving you the visibility
and control into cloud app use.
Passive monitoring doesn't impact user experience
and flexible architecture allows for deployment
on premise, or in the cloud.
Install Cloud Access Monitor
with access to your network traffic
or log files so you can defend your company
against cloud security threats.
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