Aeronautics Fly Direct to Business Objects 4.2 on HANA


Lockheed Martin - Aeronautics' Jay Riddle, Sr. BI Architect, shares where the LMCO Aero Team is finding ROI in a live interview regarding the 360Suite ( of Business Objects tools at the 2017 ASUG conference in Nashville, TN.

According to Jay, the top reasons for investing in the 360Suite so far are:
1. Excellent Support – Issues often addressed within 24 hours.
2. 360Eyes ( ability to provide “BI on BI” on a large, complex SAP BusinessObjects Landscape, where competitors previously failed.
3. Self-Service Reporting for Migration Team, so the Admins aren’t a bottleneck for information.
4. SAP BusinessObjects Impact Analysis on Metadata is critical to the Migration Team Success for moving from an Oracle to a HANA backend.
5. The Future – The LMCO Aero team invested in 5 modules of the 360Suite, so as they move into the new HANA powered BusinessObjects environment, they will roll our 360Plus ( for Back-Up, Rollback & Promotion, 360Bind ( for Automated Regression Testing, 360Cast ( for greater flexibility of managing scheduling & bursting publications, & 360View ( for bulk CMC capabilities, and enhanced security control.

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