AMAX | Your Most Dependable Rack Integration Partner

Published by: Ekovox
Date: 12/03/2017
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What makes AMAX your most dependable partner for rack integration?

Well, from single servers to complex hyperscale infrastructures, AMAX solutions are thoroughly tested, validated and can be delivered software-implemented for the quickest operational ramp up.

Our team of engineering experts works closely with you to determine your specific project parameters including use case and technical requirements. Whether it be a new project, an upgrade to existing infrastructure or an extension, every process begins by defining the optimal solution for you.

With strategic sites in the US, Ireland and China, AMAX can quickly deploy solutions to anywhere in the world. After all, getting the right solutions to you exactly when and where you need them is a key benefit of the AMAX partnership.

Furthermore, along with designing and building high quality, custom-tailored solutions, AMAX knows that large enterprises require a reliable, consistent supply chain that can nimbly scale with their business needs. From the initial design phase, we evaluate each of your company’s specific supply chain requirements, and choose the build material accordingly.

All of this combined with our elite engineering expertise, decades of award winning innovations, and our passion to implement cutting-edge technology in solutions that address real world needs makes AMAX your clear choice and most dependable partner to help you build a better data center.

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AMAX is a trusted leader in Cloud, Data Center, HPC and Server-to-Rack Level OEM platform integration, recognized by numerous technology innovation and manufacturing awards. As an open-architecture manufacturer specializing in application-oriented architectural design and integration, AMAX delivers a unique combination of technology expertise, multi-mix scale-up manufacturing capabilities and full menu turnkey partner services designed towards customer-specific requirements.