SDDC Network Visibility & Automation with BCF


In this recorded webinar, we discuss how Big Switch has partnered with VMware to develop the Big Cloud Fabric (BCF) plugin for vSphere Client, which enables physical fabric visibility and (optionally) automation to VM admins directly from the vCenter GUI. VM admins can initiate detailed VM-to-VM flow-trace across the leaf/spine physical fabric for first-level troubleshooting. Now, VM admins and network admins have a consistent view of each others’ operational environment to rapidly resolve VM connectivity issues. The BCF plugin, certified by VMware, is compatible with vSphere HTML client and offers an enhanced user experience.

In this webinar, we discuss:
 BIG QUESTION #1: How does the BCF plugin enable network visibility and automation for VM admins through vCenter GUI?
 BIG QUESTION #2: What are the benefits of an HTML-based vSphere Client architecture?
 BIG QUESTION #3: What are the upcoming advancements in the vSphere Client SDK and certification?
 DEMO: Big Cloud Fabric Plugin for vSphere Client – Automation & Visibility

Joining moderator, Angelique Medina on the panel is Bala Ramachandran, Director of Product Management, Don Jayakody, Technical Marketing Engineer at Big Switch Networks and Yiting Jin, Product Line Manager at VMware.